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Experienced track rider killed by Indiana State Trooper Jathan Rose (UPDATE).

By July 5, 2016Blog


Here is what the officers want you to think. 

POSTED:JUL 02 2016 09:52AM CDT

PORTAGE, Ind. (Sun-Times Media) – A 28-year-old motorcyclist was killed when he crashed into the squad car of a state trooper who was making a U-turn on the Indiana Toll Road Friday night in Portage.

About 9:30 p.m., Michael M. Damore was on a BMW motorcycle going west on Interstate 90 just west of the Portage Toll Plaza when he drove into the passenger side of the marked squad car, according to Indiana State Police. The trooper at the wheel, Jathan Rose, performed chest compressions before paramedics arrived. Damore, who was wearing a helmet, was taken to Portage Community Hospital, where he later died. He was from Highland, Indiana.

Police said his license had been suspended and that the motorcycle was not registered.

Westbound traffic was shut down for five hours as crews investigated and cleared the scene.

Here is what really happened

Reposting from Catherine, off of Travis L Burgess page

We witnessed this accident and my husband was the first medical person on the scene. This article is completely biased and wrong!
They make it sound like the biker was at fault and even somehow criminal. It was an accident, not on purpose, but it was 100% the officers fault. He did an illegal Uturn between construction cones, at night, without lights or a siren. The biker was driving in his own lane and couldn’t avoid the cop car in time. In fact, there were witnesses on the scene who swore that the cop hit the biker!
After my husband ran over and checked the bikers pulse, he instructed a military person who had also stopped to help to keep the biker awake. He ran to the cop car to check on the officer. The officer was still in the driver seat staring straight ahead, probably in shock. When my husband asked if he was ok he responded,”yes”. When we asked if he had called it in he responded, “no. Is the guy ok?” My husband responded, ” no, he is definitely not ok, you need to call this in right now!”
The officer NEVER did chest compressions. The officer DID NOT help with the injured man at all or offer any medical aid kit. At least five other cop cars and the ambulance arrived fairly quickly, however, they did not aquire witness statements or contact information from either my husband or the military personnel. They simply said, “we got it, you can go”, when asked if they wanted statements the officers repeated, ” no, we got it, you can go”.
There were witnesses on the scene who were telling the newly arrived officers to arrest the offending officer because it was a purposeful act. The officers said no, no, and got in their face (which we did not hear) and shut them up. NO witness statements were taken although there were several eye witnesses who stayed to give statements.
This is so sad and terrible. I feel awful for the bikers family. I felt sympathy for the offending officer because I thought he had to live the rest of his life with this guilt on him, but now I am more angry about the turn this has taken.
It is not right to criminalize the victim. It doesn’t matter who he is, if, or why his license was suspended, it doesn’t matter. It had nothing to do with the accident or this man’s death. Only grieve for the family and their great loss.
Police are servants to protect…us, not themselves. Love and support real cops in the preface of this great lands Independence Day.
Please share this truth.


Licenses Suspended TRUE, Motorcycle not registered FALSE.

If you have any information about this please email us at info@iridechi.com  

Father works for Indiana Munster Police Department

Mother works for Indiana Emergency Medical Services





Service Information for Michael Damore

Wake: Thursday July 7th 3pm – 9pm

Friday July 8th – 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Kuiper Funerial Home

9039 Kleinman Rd

Highland IN 46322



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